This Changes Everything. The Power of An Instagram Puzzle.

The new trend of Instagram Puzzles

An Instagram Puzzle is a series of images, text, textures and ideas compiled together to form a series of posts creating one big picture. More often than not an Instagram puzzle will tell a story.

Much like a series of instalments in art or a TV drama, the information being revealed step-by-step builds intrigue, keeping your fans checking back for more.

Around 80% of users follow a business on Instagram and Instagram users are 70% more likely to buy something online than people who are not on Instagram (Sprout Social; Global Web Index). Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users so it makes sense to have a presence on the world’s sixth most popular social media network (Statista).

Instagram is about imagery. Conveying an aspiration, a feeling, eliciting emotion. Creating puzzles gives you ultimate freedom to create your Instagram feed to reflect your brand and share your authentic self.

Here are some examples of Instagram puzzles I have created:

Examples of Instagram Puzzles


Examples of Instagram Puzzles

Side Note: If you’re interested in Messenger Marketing and chatbots, the example above belongs to Jack Long

Puzzles have power. In marketing we’re constantly seeking to create a better user experience. We want to communicate often complex messages with subtlety and finesse. We try to bridge the gap between our real life experiences and our online world. Instagram puzzles provide a more connected, immersive experience — like reading a graphic novel or hearing some poetry spoken aloud rather than seeing one lonely post at a time.

Fans and potential followers will see your Instagram post in very different ways. A fan will normally see your individual post in their feed — in isolation — but they know you already and will know it’s connected to something. A potential follower will see the whole picture. They’ll need to visit your profile page to click to follow. This is where you can wow them with your big picture. Your Insta puzzle will set you apart at this point. You’ll create an impact.

60% of Instagram users discover products on Instagram, so the question to ask is will your business service or product be one of them?

If Instagram puzzles sound like something you’d be interested in there are a number of ways to get started! I have a free template for you, available here: and a brand new programme which shares the process of how to create Instagram Puzzles here:

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